Make Money Online Top 10 Ways To Make Money For Beginner Bloggers

Selling new or used products, writing for websites and blogs, making paid evaluations, are just some of the tips.

Today, the internet is part of most people’s lives. Much more than an efficient means of communication, which definitely changed the way people interact, it is, today, a very important tool in the life of any company and also of people who want to undertake individually.

In fact, for this public that wants to undertake individually working with what pleases them most, the internet has been the main path and, that is to say, a great bet!

However, anyone who thinks that “making money on the internet” is easy is wrong. Regardless of what you decide to do – sell products via the internet, create a YouTube channel, or write for websites, for example – this new bet needs planning and, above all, dedication.

One thing is a fact: you can earn a lot of money using the internet as a work channel, or little (just for extra income, for example). It all depends on you: your planning, the chosen activity, how much you are willing to dedicate to it, your strategies, your persistence etc.

In this context, you can check some ideas on how to undertake using the internet. You will see, by the way, that selling products is not the only option!

1. Sell used or new products (clothing, shoes, electronics, etc.)

This is one of the best known ways of working through the internet: selling products, whether new or used, and of the most varied types. And the possibilities for doing so are endless.

In the case of clothes, for example: in the past there was a great fear of buying clothes over the internet. People preferred to go to a store and taste them. However, this scenario has changed, and today the fashion category is seen as one of the main categories of e-commerce sales.

Some people set up a page or “profile” on social networks and try to sell there, or even use ready-made platforms like Ebay for a while. This may be an initial idea that works more like a “test”, but the ideal is that, deciding to bet even on this business, you set up your own virtual clothing store. This will certainly give a “more professional aspect” to your work, favor contact with customers and improve the visibility of your products.

It is worth remembering that it is essential to offer quality garments, so as never to frustrate the customer who bets on your product, and also to work with attractive prices.

It is important to be prepared to deal with the competition, especially from large online stores that also work with clothes, such as Dafiti, Netshoes etc. Thus, the need to have a differential is reinforced. And the same care and tips apply to investing in the sale of shoes, accessories, among other products.

Facebook and Instagram have also been used a lot by people who want to sell used products. And, in all cases, it is necessary to bet on well-taken photos of the products (in different angles), so that the customer knows exactly what he is buying.

2. Sell crafts

The sale of handicrafts by the internet is also a great bet and can be done in different ways: creating a virtual store within renowned sites like Elo7 and Tanlup ; through social networks (creating a Facebook page and / or Instagram profile, for example); through the Free Market or creating your own e-commerce.

Betting on good photos to promote the products is essential in any case. Having a differential and, of course, great care in the creation of products are definitive points that will guarantee the success of your business.

3. Write for portals and blogs

Has a degree in Journalism or, simply, do you know and like to write about certain or various subjects ?! You can apply to write as a freelancer on portals and blogs.

A tip is to contact portals and blogs that you like as a reader and, of course, that deal with subjects with which you have more affinity to write.

In the case of those who intend to earn money by writing for portals and blogs, it is essential to always be attentive to the rules of the language, to read constantly and, who knows, to even specialize on the subject that he writes more frequently.

In order to work as a freelancer, in general, it is necessary to have organization and responsibility, because it will probably be you who will define your working hours and also the best strategies to execute it efficiently.

4. Do tests and evaluations on sites that pay for this service

Taking into account that most people value user reviews and comments on shopping sites, some companies compensate users who do product reviews.

This is the case with Eu Testei , for example. You can give your opinion about the products and services you use and you will be rewarded for that. Just register with an email and a personal photo, know how to write well and have a Google Adsense account to receive your earnings.

In Eu Testei, for example, 60% of Adsense impressions are passed on to the user. Most sites, incidentally, pay this way. Others may pay for quantity of reviews or for the quality of the evaluation (that is, the more people who consider the user’s opinion valid, the more money he will earn).

Some companies, such as, for example, Carrefour , offer points that can later be exchanged for purchase vouchers and / or prizes.

5. Create your own blog

If you like to write, share your opinions, experiences and ideas, it may be a good bet to create your own blog, covering several topics or a specific one.

Some examples: if you love to travel and have already visited different places in the world, you can share your experiences and tips through your blog. If you are up to date on fashion and beauty and are always testing new products and visiting stores, you can also talk about your impressions.

In this case, the income usually comes through advertisements. It is also important to invest in partnerships, with this, your blog will gain greater access and visibility.

Some tips for your work to be taken seriously are: try to write correctly and attract your readers; be honest; transmit useful suggestions / information; use good images / photos and keep in touch with your readers whenever possible (answer questions, thank the compliments, ask for their opinion etc.).

6. Create your YouTube channel

Not everyone knows, but it is possible to earn money through YouTube. If you are communicative, like to share your ideas and experiences, creating a channel can be a good business option for you!

In short, you can make money from YouTube by allowing it to post ads on your videos. And, of course, the more views your videos have, the more you will get. Therefore, it is worth mentioning, it is not a simple task as well: it is essential to record videos with relevant subjects and of which you understand, of quality and, also, be charismatic (in the sense of being able to hold people’s attention).

Having your channel on Youtube, to monetize your videos, you must click on the monetization tab when uploading.

On Youtube you can find several tips on how to make money through your videos, how to make good videos etc. It is always worth researching if you decide to invest in this type of business.

7. Create websites and blogs for other people

Currently, most people and companies recognize the need to publicize their work on the internet, either through an official website, or through a blog (or even, uniting the two media).

Not everyone, however, has the ability to create their own website and / or blog. That way, if you have the knowledge, you can work on developing websites and blogs for those who need it.

For this, the tip is to publicize your service: for example, signing up on sites that offer opportunities for freelancers, through your social media, your own website etc.

8. Sell products through affiliate partnerships

Did you know that it is possible to advertise products on the internet and receive a commission every time someone makes a purchase through your referral?

So-called affiliation programs, in general, are agreements in which the person undertakes to place advertisements (banners, links, ad units) on his website announcing products from another website. If a user clicks on the advertisement, they will be redirected to the advertised website and, if they make a purchase or even register, the person will earn their commission.

9. Create and sell ebooks about something you understand

E-book is a book in digital format, which can be read on any electronic equipment (computer, smartphone, tablet).

One of the great advantages of creating and selling e-books is that this digital book costs close to zero, as the entire process of sale and consumption occurs digitally.

If you intend to earn money through the creation and sale of e-books, it is essential, first, to define the theme well: always choose a theme with which you have affinity and deep knowledge. After all, you need to convey credibility to the reader.

It is also very important to find a niche market that can provide a satisfactory sales volume, so research, find out…

Provide the reader with a pleasant reading, of course, writing according to the rules of the language. If appropriate, use photos – either from your personal file, or from image banks (some are free and some are very affordable).

Layout and editing also make a difference, giving the work a more professional look. If you are not familiar with formatting and diagramming tools, consider hiring a professional to perform this task.

As you intend to commercialize, it is important to register the e-book at the National Library, to have the ISBN (identification system that includes the authorship data). Information for registration can be obtained from the library ‘s official website .

Once the book is ready, you will need to define how you will sell it. Hotmart , for example, is a distribution platform for digital products.

Finally, think of strategies to spread your ebook: spread it on social networks, among friends and acquaintances; contact sites related to the theme of your e-book and propose articles for publication; create a blog on the topic of the e-book etc.

10. Teach private lessons

The virtual education market is booming, you know? Therefore, if you are a teacher or know how to do something very well, you can think about the possibility of transmitting your knowledge through virtual private lessons. Examples: tutoring in mathematics,, physics, English, geography or any other subject; music class, embroidery etc.

Classes can be taught via Skype . You will basically need a webcam (currently, most laptops, tablets and smartphones have one) and your desire to teach!

Skype is, in short, a program that allows you to chat using video and voice.

In addition to spreading your work among friends and acquaintances, creating a Fan Page on Facebook and / or a blog is an effective way to attract more students.

You can also, after being sure you want to invest in this type of business, create an online teaching website, with video classes, live classes, contact with students to answer questions etc.


Last updated July 27, 2020


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