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A successful entrepreneur is an expert in managing and guiding a business or a company, in addition to leading, guiding and seeking opportunities for the growth of the business and of each employee that is part of the enterprise.

The much desired success is directly related to the dedication and understanding that a well-conducted and motivated team becomes increasingly efficient in the search for prominence in the market.

With that in mind, I decided to bring in some of the great reference entrepreneurs in Brazil and in the world – people who followed a successful path and are examples to be inspired. Continue reading and check it out!

Reasons to undertake

Entrepreneurship is a career surrounded by challenges that requires persistence and dedication. Becoming a great entrepreneur is a process that requires a good business plan and the completion of the planning steps. Entrepreneurship is one of the pillars of a country’s social and economic development, and the benefits for those who wish to follow this path go beyond professional success. See the main ones below.

Financial independence

The reasons for undertaking are diverse, from putting into practice your purposes and dreams to having the longed-for stability and financial independence. This process, although pleasurable, is surrounded by obstacles that instigate innovative and creative thinking to stand out from competitors.

Make an impact on other people’s lives

Making a positive impact on people’s lives is part of the entrepreneurial world, as employees and customers become more involved and inspired when a business is prosperous and successful.

Solve problems through innovation

A good entrepreneur will inevitably face obstacles throughout his career. However, with a bold and innovative profile, he will be able to solve problems, with creativity and innovation, which are the keys to stand out and stand out.

Passion for what you do

Passion is the fuel to never give up and stop along the way. It is what motivates and increases the dedication of time and energy, so that everything happens as planned.

Quality of life

The fruit of hard work and well-done strategic planning is the success of the enterprise in the market, guaranteeing the stability of the business and the quality of life of all those involved. There are several segments to invest in entrepreneurship, which is another good reason to take a chance in the area you are passionate about. This includes digital entrepreneurship and current trends, as well as traditional food and clothing industries.

There are plenty of options to invest in your dream and work with what you like. Furthermore, even in times of crisis, entrepreneurship has been growing considerably, proving to be an advantageous choice for the future. But, if you still don’t have a specific area to start a venture, it is always advisable to study market trends, such as digital entrepreneurship and sustainable entrepreneurship .

Main characteristics of an entrepreneur

In entrepreneurship, you will possibly have to deal with uncertainties and it is necessary for the manager to show behavioral skills to succeed in unstable moments. To be successful in the business itself, it is fully possible to develop behaviors and skills, like the ones you see below.


The results will not always go as planned, so at that moment it is necessary for the entrepreneur to be persevering and have self-confidence, after all, experience is gained by making mistakes.


Having the initiative to put the plans into practice, even in times of adversity is fundamental. Many people have good ideas, but they encounter a lack of courage and often fail to achieve great achievements.

Communication and influence

A good entrepreneur must know how to communicate properly with customers and employees. Good communication creates the basis for large partnerships and increases the power of influence in the market.

Self confidence

Giving up on the first difficulties is not part of the characteristics of any successful entrepreneur, especially in the early years of the company where most of the difficulties occur – trusting the feeling is part of the natural essence of a great entrepreneur.


In addition to business knowledge, it is essential that an entrepreneur exercise leadership well – knowing how to delegate functions, negotiate and conduct projects in a collaborative and participatory manner. It must have the capacity to stimulate all involved and make ideas prosper without, however, losing control of the situation, because decision making will always be in your hands.

Strategic intelligence

Strategic intelligence is an essential feature to make a business profitable . Planning and setting goals for solid growth is the basis of development and profitability in any business.


Ability to face obstacles and overcome them, resisting pressures and adverse situations are attributes that an entrepreneur must have. The ability to overcome and overcome problems promotes healthy , personal and professional growth .

Planning Capacity

Growing according to the goals set and monitoring the business information makes up the entrepreneur’s planning capacity. The mastery of tools and basic concepts for management guarantee the transparent trajectory of the business.

Future vision

The goal of every entrepreneur is to have a scalable enterprise that can expand its production by reaching more customers without increasing investment. Therefore, it is necessary to have a vision of the future and take as a lesson the mistakes made during the process.

Continuous learning

Before success and brilliant business, great entrepreneurs made mistakes and often took no for an answer. Learning continuously from mistakes and getting up after a trip is what can guarantee a turnaround in the situation.

As you know, there are many personalities in the world of entrepreneurship and many experiences to share. For those who want to start their own business it is very motivating to seek inspiration in successful cases.

My tip today is that you start to closely follow the work of each of these visionaries that I presented. By doing so, you will be able to be inspired and learn important lessons to lead your company on the path to success.

Successful entrepreneurs are those who, first of all, work proactively and who, like those I mentioned earlier, seek to bring innovative and creative solutions to an increasingly saturated and competitive market. Don’t wait for the best opportunities, go for them.

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Last updated July 27, 2020


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