Start A Small Business From Home

Opening a business at home is the dream of many people. This year, the government authorized MEIs to set up their businesses at home, which reduces costs and improves profitability.

Before starting to work on slippers, however, it is important to check if your municipality allows the installation of the business at the chosen address. In addition, it is important to have a space dedicated to the “office” and to prevent family distractions from affecting your productivity.

Below is a selection of businesses to open at home:

1. Computer tutor

It may seem that with the largest number of computers, people would be more used to all the possibilities and uses of these machines. But the truth is that new programs grow to the same extent and many users are unable to keep up with the same speed. Becoming a private tutor, bringing tricks, secrets, facilities to make the best use of a computer can be a good source of income. Creating packages with suggestions for ideal programs for, for example, entrepreneurs, teachers or doctors, can be a way to differentiate yourself.

2. Computer technician

If you already have a background in the area, you can start as an individual entrepreneur by serving as a technician in people’s own homes. To differentiate yourself, be a professional, create a business card, website or form for people to get to know you and contact you easily. The service will also be something that will facilitate good word of mouth.

3. Diagramming and design

If your specialty is to diagram publications such as pamphlets, business cards, magazines or even create logos and other designs, this may be a good option. Doing some freelance work can be the first step for you to create your own agency and bring in new partners. Keeping deadlines, good communication skills and creativity are important points.

4. Digital marketing

Working with social media and producing content for brands is another option for those who want to start alone and, who knows, expand to a company in the sector. Understanding about these matters, of course, is essential, as well as having good communication skills and excellent command of the language. Remember to make and maintain as many contacts as possible to bring good partners when taking the step to become a bigger enterprise.

5. Webdesigner and programmer

Almost no company lives without a website and many do not have enough capital to pay big names in the industry to perform the service. Start by winning these customers and making your brand known. Always offer creativity and modernity. It’s not just because you’re a one-person company that you’re going to offer something standardized or a 1990s-style website as a final product.

6. Cake decorator

It is a niche market that grows every day. Many confectioners have specialized in cake decoration, with increasingly sophisticated details. Several of them work as service providers for famous cakes or confectionery chains or even autonomously.

7. Frozen food manufacturing

Another segment that just grows, that of frozen meals or delicacies, is a good start for those who have culinary talents and want to start a business at home. It can be a family recipe or that cheese bread that only you know how to make, the important thing is to take the first step by choosing a product and checking its possibility of freezing.

8. Manufacturer of preserved jellies or peppers

Manufacture of fruit jellies for resale or to order. The positive factor in the manufacture of jams and jams is that these products have greater durability. Hygiene and product presentation are fundamental factors in this business.

9. Dog walker (dog walker)

The idea was imported and is gaining many fans. Dog owners who work all day hire dog walkers to walk, feed and play with animals every day. The service is usually charged per month.

10. Making of candles, soaps and aromatic products

The market for aromatic products is booming. Today, it is possible to operate from a small structure at home and resell to stores or over the internet. Products range from decorative candles to maternity souvenirs (small soaps).

11. Consultant for brides

Professionals with experience in this segment can help brides to make the best choices for the big day, from the choice of accessories, lingerie, makeup, to the dress.

12. Nutritionist

Designing menus, recipes and indicating appropriate diets for your patients is part of a nutritionist’s routine. This professional can be requested by patients, indicated by doctors, or also sought by companies looking for advice for their cafeterias or food products.

13. Content writer (websites and social networks)

Knowing how to communicate with your target audience on the web through attractive content is a task for experts in content creation. This professional must know how to choose the best form of expression for his client to communicate through websites and social networks. He can work autonomously and seek his own clients (usually companies) or work for a content/communication agency. 

14. Jewelry designer/jewelry

The development and manufacture of jewelry pieces is a promising business and the creations can be sold over the internet, to acquaintances, stores, brides, etc.

15. Blogger

If you are an expert on a certain subject you can create a website/blog on the topic and become a blogger. The most accessed blogs can count on paid advertisements (from advertising companies or Google AdSense, for example), sponsored posts, and other forms of remuneration. To do this, it is necessary to build a relevant and participative audience, which generates movement on your website, making it appear in a good position in internet search engines on the subject.


Last updated July 27, 2020


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